Arizona Wrangler (p.12):
Lack of pro ranking doesn’t have to stop pursuit of sports

West Seattle Herald
Local author’s new book helps non-athletes pursue sports-related careers- & see the games close up

Metro US: (published Feb 13, 2012 in New York, Boston and Philadelphia)
Sports Jobs for the Rest of Us


“There’s more than playing the game for those who love sports. ‘You’re in the Front Row: How to Kick Off Your Career in Sports – Even If You’re Not a Star Athlete’ is a guide to the many non-athletic careers in the world of sports, from broadcasting to management to medicine, and much more. With experts from many sports coming together to add in extra advice for careers in these fields, ‘You’re in the Front Row’ is a strong pick for those who love sports who think being an all-star player isn’t in the cards.”
James A Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review
Susan Bethany – Reviewer


“This book has great value in vocational guidance. The subtitle of this nicely-written, fascinating book is “How to Kick Off Your Career in Sports, Even if You’re Not a Star Athlete,” and the book truly delivers on that: on one page I randomly selected, you can find out about being a ballpark usher or vendor. On the previous page is dope about becoming a cheerleader or Team Mascot—candid dope, for author Glenn Capeloto warns you that earnings are low for the former, opportunities limited for the latter. This book should be a must-have as a high school vocational guide. But it is much more than that. For instance, in the section on being a vendor, Capeloto doesn’t just give you details about the work involved but entertains you with anecdotes about a Seattle beer vendor named Bill Scott whose famous shout-out to the fans was, “Freeze your teeth and give your tongue a sleigh ride!” and Rick Kaminski, the Peanut Man, famed for his (highly-accurate) delivery of peanuts, his repertoire including the over-the-head heave, the long hook shot, the football pass, and the behind-the-back line-drive.

There’s a historic timeline on umpiring, too; background information on Capeloto’s college broadcasting prior to his career as a statistician, and vignettes about sports figures like Ann Meyers Drysdale and Spencer Haywood. Much, much else.

Did I recommend this for a high school library? Well, it’s just as much for an everyday sports fan. In fact, I’m sending my copy to my brother. “
Bob Grumman – Small Press Review


“You’re in the Front Row, written by Glenn Capeloto, is a great first step toward achieving your goal to be part of the sports industry. It’s a fabulous and fresh introduction to dozens of occupations in sports, with constructive and candid advice from a variety of experts. We have chosen ‘You’re in the Front Row’ as our required book for our Online Introduction to Sports Jobs Course. It’s a must read.”
Dr. G Lynn Lashbrook
President – Sports Management Worldwide